The Last Corner Shop

An hilarious journey into a world of brown-envelope corruption, illicit cider production, councillor wrestling and dachshund deli-counter weigh-ins

by Peter Tanton

**Meet the Rogers family and their eclectic band of eccentric customers as they fight to save the last village corner shop from superstore oblivion.**
It is 1989 and Eddie and Marilyn Rogers are the proprietors of an already struggling corner shop located in the village of Heathview. However, their problems are soon to escalate with the proposed building of a superstore on their doorstep, which will change the very fabric of village life forever. 
The great and the not-so-good of the village mobilise to save their community from destruction by the corporate behemoth, and the ‘Save Our Shops’ campaign is born.
But the conniving immoral Colin Salter will not stop his plans to rapidly expand the Salters empire by building the new devil-child superstores in untouched villages, bulldozing all local businesses in its wake. He has head-hunted the extraordinary American businesswoman Jerry Bailey-Johnson to make it happen – with more than a little help from Councillor ‘Brown Envelope’ Beaton that is! But things aren’t always what they seem…