The Mysterious Dream

...A Mysterious Story...

by Hugo Eales

Have you ever woken from a dream only to have the memory of it float away out of reach?
Join Charlotte, Tabitha the cat and Teddy as they wander through an incredible dreamscape of wild and wondrous places, meeting the most unusual and fantastic creatures.
The quest? To help Charlotte remember her mysterious dream before it vanishes forever!

The Mysterious Series

Hugo Eales

Born in Malaysia, Hugo Eales is an English author. His career in accountancy has taken him and his family around the world working for multinational companies. His passion for story telling, and the drive behind creating The Mysterious Noise came from making up bedtime stories for his four boys when they were little.
The boys are all much too old for bedtime stories now, so Hugo decided to put pen to paper. Charlotte and her first adventure came into being as a result of encouraging his sons to use their imaginations when describing what might be making some unusual noises they heard one bedtime. The Mysterious Noise is the first of a series of Mysterious Books brought to life by the fabulous illustrations of Tom Bonson