The Potterer & Joey the Swimmer, and Other Short Stories

by Tim Holmes

The Potterer & Joey the Swimmer, and other Short Stories is a wide-ranging collection of shorts, anecdotes and vignettes.
Colour, originality and diversity are at the core of this third collection, drawn from childhood memories and adult experiences, real or half-imagined, across a wide range of topics, some contemporary and others ages old.
Humour is what the author does best, finding and shaping it from the plainest or the most tragic of subjects and circumstances.

The Third Collection, HGA Publishing

Tim Holmes Author

Tim Holmes was born in London and brought up in Geneva, eventually embarking on a thirty-five year career in the international wine industry, having learned his craft in Bordeaux and Burgundy as a ‘stagiare’ winemaker during university vacations. After a lifetime of travel, tasting and trading wines around the world, he now lives in France and England where he writes, and opens the odd bottle for friends.