The Slippery Slope

No way back

by David J Crabb

Geoff is a talented and aggressive executive, striving for greatness, riches and the recognition he feels he deserves. Caught up in a string of events beyond his control, he is compelled to do the right thing, yet greed could get the better of him. Which path will he choose as he embarks on a twisted corporate career of choices, compromises and events, which will determine his fate; and that of other people closest to him.Greed runs parallel with righteousness as he powers his way towards the wealth he desires overlooking the corruption that lies in his way.Meeting those with powerful friends reminds him of the dangers of his new connections as his colleagues start to go missing under unknown circumstances.Success in a corporate career has its price tag and Geoff discovers that the journey is not what he had envisaged, with tough choices, murder and sexual desire as the junctions that both impede and fuel his way.Which path will he take, to follow his values of honesty and integrity or pursue greed and selfishness?

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