The Tree of Thorns

by Bob Goodwin

Inspired by real events…
There is something very wrong at the Holman Mental Hospital. Sure, there’s the usual mistreatment, the poor living conditions and staff brutality, but there’s something even worse, and patients are dying. Two detectives are working the case with limited resources and progress is slow.
Jackson, a trainee nurse has forged a bond with Ezra, a man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Ezra has seen something, but with all the drugs and the shock treatment, he is being kept quiet.
For reasons he cannot understand Jackson is being framed and targeted by unknown people. He gains some allies, but trust can be a fleeting thing, and he will need this and more to keep everyone alive and uncover the dark secrets of the institution.
The Tree of Thorns – a work of fiction surrounded by truth.