The Xanarock

One man's weird, wacky, and wild journey to save the universe

by Patrick Collins

“The Xanarock” is a thrilling journey into a universe where peace is shattered by the return of the Oryx, a darkness once contained. As the solar system faces this renewed threat, Tristan, grappling with personal loss, is thrust into an epic struggle against forces beyond Earth’s boundaries. This adventure unfolds on Macro, where a city stands as the last beacon of civilization, protected against an undead siege by a vast forcefield and united by the exhilarating sport of Wand Wars.

Blending fantasy, science fiction, and deep human emotion, “The Xanarock” captivates with its exploration of resilience, redemption, and the power of unity in darkness. It’s a compelling tale for young adults, offering a vividly imagined world that challenges our heroes to find their strength and fight for the universe’s survival. A must-read that promises to engage and inspire.