Threads in the Tapestry

One woman’s journey into the father heart of God

by Sally Stephenson

Do you know how God feels about you – how close and intimately involved in every little detail of your life, He longs to be? This is a story about a journey. A journey from aching emptiness to the joy of knowing you are loved in every fibre of your being. Finding out that God is not only real but alive and speaking to you, through scripture, but also through ordinary, everyday things – things other people would probably dismiss as mere coincidence, can be mind-blowing. Even more amazing is the discovery that after 40 years in the wilderness, He still has a plan and a whole new creative direction for your life. This is a book about a journey into the love of Father God. It is a book to draw you closer to a God you may already know, but who sometimes feels remote and inaccessible. For those who have yet to encounter Him, it’s a book to set you wondering, and maybe encourage you to take those first few, tentative steps toward His arms of love.