Discover Fulfilled Living

How to attain Health, Success & Happiness

by Evelyn W Corrado Msc

Are you trying too much to keep it together, yet you still feel lost, frustrated, tired and never being good enough? Do you want to improve how you manage your resources such as time, finances, health, character, relationships and talents? This book is for you. It helps you realise areas in your life that need attending to. It aids you to identify the clutter you need to cut out from your life. In addition, it gives you indispensable life skills that empowers you to attain a healthy, happier and successful life. The book provides key principles of; a.Achieving and maintain healthy living – psychological, emotional and physical health. b.Building good self-esteem, ego strength, character and independence. c.Self-discovery – recognising passion, talents, ability, skills and opportunities. d.Developing healthy relationships and supportive social structures. e.Upholding success through strategic goal planning and discipline. f.Overcoming life setbacks, failure and negative behaviour. g.Stress management and holistic life balance approach. h.Keeping up hope, faith and happiness. AUTHOR Evelyn Corrado, MSc Psych, BSc(Hons), MBPsS. Founder of Ev-online Counselling Service ( Evelyn worked for a decade in Various Mental Health settings in United Kingdom. She has given motivational talks both in Europe and Africa. Additionally, she regularly writes educative blogs for African Women in Europe and also for Ev-Online Counselling Service. Her work has inspired many people. Over the years, Evelyn has identified the basic need for every individual to live a fulfilled life, which is the core of her book.