The Negotiation Hypercube

Practical methods and tools that optimise the value of your negotiation strategy, tactics and operations

by George Dimitriadis

The Negotiation Hypercube is a practical, effective and flexible way to optimise the value your negotiations generate and develop the negotiation infrastructure of your organisation. The approaches that you will find here support a wide range of business negotiation types, from simple projects to exceptionally complex and challenging cases. Some of the key elements you can expect to find here include:

An easy-to-use toolkit. This book is packed with best practices, “how to” guides and templates like the Negotiation Map, the Negotiation event one-pager and the Negotiation Performance Review. Various visual tools are also used to make it easier for you to recall the key points of each approach.

A wholistic approach. The Negotiation Hypercube gets you from planning and executing to evaluating and continually improving your negotiation practices.

A flexible framework. As every negotiation is different, the tools presented in this book can become as high-level or detailed as you want, depending on the needs of your case.

A value driven practice. The Negotiation Hypercube ensures that the total value is what drives your decisions. This value is a combination of long, medium and short-term benefits that range from cost improvements and risk mitigation to innovation, increased sales and value-added relationships.

A negotiation training tool. The contents of the book can be easily transformed to a tailored training programme that will help your team develop the “hard” and “soft” skills that are needed in order to succeed in negotiations.

Your personal negotiation consultant. The best-in-class negotiation practices and insights that are presented in the Negotiation Hypercube cover different types of businesses, industries and projects. This is a book that you can keep with you as an instant helper. A negotiation expert in the palm of your hand.