Tapping the Golden Conger

by John Shoebridge

The year is 1970 and Hestia ventures to scour the future a little way beyond the millennium.

Being the Greek goddess of Homelife, she considers the people of the world as one big family and from what she foresees, it is not a happy one at all; the world is in turmoil.

Fear of war, terror and crime, along with the desperation over poverty, sickness and homelessness, seems to be evident wherever she scanned the globe. Dejected and rather desperate to address the global unrest, she covertly disobeys her elders by sowing a few celestial seeds in the form of a dream to Fizziwiz, and earthly accomplice in a previous rescue mission.

Prompted by the dream, Fizziwiz recalls seeing a document detailing the existence of a vast wealth of coinage lying beneath the seabed along the coastlines of the world and accumulating over centuries through nature’s tidal forces.

Uncanny connections, inspired solutions and feats of epic engineering excellence, brings an impossible venture close to near touching distance.

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