Another Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories

by John Foley

While a little learning goes a long, long way, it’s not necessarily in the right direction – as Sid Christmas found to his cost in ‘The Wisdom of Teaching Reindeer to Read’, one of the fables in this follow-up to Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories. Among others in this new collection for the young at heart aged 10 to 110, discover the wasp who thought too little of himself and the puddle who thought too much, the magnificent squirlybird whose like will never be seen again, and the tale of a once-fashionable lift whose final thoughts turn to revenge.

John Foley

John Foley FRSA, an accomplished audiobook producer and puzzle setter, has a rich background in writing, radio, and acting. Known for scripting and voicing over 600 programmes for BBC English/World Service, Foley's expertise extends to adapting plays by notable authors for radio drama. He has produced a wide array of audiobooks, featuring classics from renowned writers.

Foley's published works showcase his diverse talents, including volumes on beards, moustaches, and signs & symbols, as well as musical anecdotes and children's graded readers. His contributions to The School Times International and The Connexion reflect his knack for French-themed crosswords and puzzles.

Notably, Foley's "Seven Simple and Slightly Silly Stories" and its sequels, infused with illustrations by Grant Cathro, demonstrate his storytelling prowess. Profits from these books support various charitable causes, underlining Foley's commitment to social impact through his literary work.