Earth boy

Orphan Of The Stars

by J C Mansell

In ancient times, humanity spread amongst the stars, abandoning their destroyed homeworld. But Earth evidently still exists and Elliot, the orphan from Sweden, caused much upset when showing up in the Atean Star-Kingdom, claiming he was from the lost cradle of humanity.
Elliot and his friends – Little Brother, the insecure AI suitcase, and the spoilt and occasionally angry Princess Molnír Asir – have now been killed by the dark hunters who wish to keep Elliot and whatever he carries forever forgotten.
But death isn’t as bad as people say it is. It can actually be a fresh start and a new chance to discover what really happened to Uncle Karl and who is conspiring against the strange denizens of the Galactic Spiral Arm.
Organic Jumpstarters – Hollow Worlds – Micro Conquerors – Ancient Conspiracies – Gigantic Warships – Space Combat – Hidden Traitors – Nevermelt Ice Cream