Put Me Back Together

by Tim Holmes

Put Me Back Together is a handful of thirty short stories, poems and anecdotes to be dipped into during a dull moment waiting for the bus, or to be glanced at before you fall asleep at night.

Some are perfectly true stories, others a blend of truth and fiction, and some just pure fiction, but all will leave you with a thought in your head by the time you’ve reached the end of the page, otherwise the raison d’être has failed.

You’ll prefer some to others because you’ll be in the laughing mood, but others will leave you cold and melancholic, pensive and disturbed, but what’s the point of reading if you’re not carried into another world for the duration of a few pages?

Tim Holmes Author

Tim Holmes was born in London and brought up in Geneva, eventually embarking on a thirty-five year career in the international wine industry, having learned his craft in Bordeaux and Burgundy as a ‘stagiare’ winemaker during university vacations. After a lifetime of travel, tasting and trading wines around the world, he now lives in France and England where he writes, and opens the odd bottle for friends.