Mistress of Dreams

Book Three of the Dream Murderer Cycle

by Paul Taffinder

Your fate is written in the dreams of the gods.
The Six Hundredth Tablet of Wisdom.
The true Faith is at war with itself. Prophecies will be fulfilled. Grandmaster Tam and the hunters of heretics are banished but foresee triumph even as the god of the in-between returns. A new age of orthodoxy is imminent and Exarch Hassin seeks to subvert Clan Ouine to his fanatical cause.
Skava and the renegade armies of the Biljan Kingdoms scramble to meet the fury of King Jeval who marches with his vaunted battalions to crush Clan Ouine. In spite of all Skava’s stratagems, Prince Osir and his sister the Lady Che Keleu lead a new-forged army across the mountains in the king’s name.
Skava has set the tiles of fate to fall one upon another in a pattern that will wrench the world to her purpose. The Realm tumbles inevitably towards war and a decisive clash at Tower Pike. But has she overreached? Skava’s battlefield weapons, built in secret but untested, promise much; allies offer unexpected pledges; victory might be within grasp…But those same allies vow blood feud whilst friends clutch daggers behind her back. Assassins and plots multiply. And the king has his own surprises to unleash.
In the end, everything leads to the ancient temple at Cise Hook where the gods, it seems, dream their reckless dreams…

The Dream Murderer Cycle

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Paul Taffinder

Psychologist, strategist and award-winning author Paul Taffinder lives in the UK, near London. So fascinated was he as a boy by the underlying motivations of people – the good, the bad and the vile – that he completed three degrees and then a PhD in psychology and still found out that there was a lot to learn. Accordingly he has worked in the deepest mines and travelled to the highest places on earth, by flying Concorde (as a passenger, not a pilot). He is a devotee of fantasy and science fiction because it is a celebration of human possibilities. With four acclaimed business books to his name, he course corrected and created his own world in his debut trilogy The Dream Murderer Cycle.